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Listening Materials

Here we have gathered some links for you to watch and learn. We also have some audio recommendations for you to listen on your day to day. Enjoy it!

Something to train and entertain your ears and eyes

We hope you enjoy the recommendations we have gathered


In this link you can watch videos from the Seventh Day Adventist broadcasting network. Besides watching on Youtube, it is possible to see on their website manners through which you can download their app and enjoy live content for free.


If you want to learn more about the history of Seventh Day Adventism and its pioneers, you can find written material in this website. Besides, they also have Audiobooks and Videos for you to learn more, such as Ellen White's books in audio form.


In this link you can enjoy content from the Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), such as their radio transmission and live TV. They also have a weekly live panel to study the Sabbath School lesson that you can watch here.


In our youtube channel you will find every worship service uploaded for you to watch - so you won't have to miss a single one. You can share it with friends and family from abroad that wish to know more as well.

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