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centro historico viaduto de são paulo

Our Story

Our Sabbath School group has started a worship service held entirely in English, thinking about all the foreigners living in São Paulo or passing by that would like a place to worship in their own language, and, thus, feel at home.

Who we are

Our Mission

Create a space to gather English speakers in São Paulo in which they can feel as if they belong, while also allowing Brazilian members of the church to learn from them and about their cultures

Our Vision

In harmony with Biblical revelation, we want a space in which members can have a close relationship with God and learn more about His word, so that one day they might preach it to the world

Our Goals

Prepare members to be missionaries abroad or in their own communities. Establish cultural exchanges among brothers and sisters from different countries. Have a community that serves and worships God in every encounter.

How did it all start

Some members of the church of Moema were talking about their collective desire to have a place in which foreigners could worship in English - a language that is native for many people living in São Paulo or more easily spoken by people from abroad that just moved to the city or are visiting it. 

The idea of starting this project came from their research, that showed that São Paulo is the city in Brazil with the highest immigration rates, therefore being an excellent place to start a missionary project among insular communities through worship services held in English

Many foreigners also have difficulties fitting into the culture of Brazil, and in the church they can feel at home.

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